Intercake Kiosk

In-store kiosk and printer.
Ideal for larger grocery
and bakery stores.

Intercake Connect

Mobile app and printer.
For grocery and bakery chains
with smaller stores.

Intercake Web

Centralised printing service.
For smaller retailers.


This system is perfect for larger grocery retailers and bakery chains. The Intercake touchscreen kiosk is located on the shop floor.  It gives customers a great in-store experience and provides the perfect POS opportunity.

How it works?
  • The Intercake touchscreen kiosk can be located on the shop floor, either on a counter or shelf unit.
  • Customers upload a photo to the kiosk from a Bluetooth device, iPhone/iPad, memory card, USB drive, or by scanning a physical photo.
  • Using the touchscreen kiosk with Intercake’s intuitive software and wide selection of frames and borders, the customer can design a unique cake design.
  • A message can then be added with a choice fonts, colours and sizes.

  • The Intercake printer takes about 3 minutes to print the design on the sugar sheet, which is added to the cake with a little water, and then presented to the customer.

Used in combination with Intercake’s Consumables

The kiosk
  • Stylish and durable design
  • Touch screen
  • Intuitive step-by-step cake design software
  • Photo upload via Bluetooth or Wifi, memory cards, USB,
    iPhone/iPad or by scanning an existing photo
  • On-board image and frame library
  • Prints customer receipt
  • Remote online support
  • Usage reports available for store specific
    information and billing
The printer
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Robust food-grade stainless
    steel housing for durability and cleaning
  • Extremely reliable
  • No need for ink cartridge replacements –
    simply fill on-board tanks



Intercake App and Connect Printer
  • Ideal for smaller stores where space is at a premium (floor/shelf space not available for standard kiosk), the Connect system consists of the Intercake mobile application and web-enabled printer.
  • Customers design their cake topper on the App and takes order confirmation to the store.
  • The Intercake Connect printer downlaods the order for printing.
  • The store colleague prints the cake design and applies it to the customer’s chosen cake.
  • The Intercake App can be customised for the retailer.
  • Can also be used with the Intercake kiosk instead of the standard printer.
  • Can be integrated with Click & Collect or Home Delivery options

Used in combination with Intercake’s Consumables

InterCake Echo Printer



Intercake Web Solution
  • Ideal for small bakeries and retailers who offer a cake printing service to their customers, but are not ready to invest in a full system.
  • Use our website to order online and we’ll ship the toppers to you.
  • For large orders, contact our sales team
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Our Paperleft _img
  • Patented custom-sized sugar
    sheets on backing
  • Conforms to European food
  • Ensures high quality prints
  • Easily removed from backing
    sheet for placement on cake
Our Inksright_img
  • All our printers use a continuous ink system
  • Inks manufactured by Intercake
  • Conforms to European food
  • High quality colours
  • Easy ink refill system